It’s hard to believe it’s August already and while the fun of fall and back to school activities are only a few weeks away, we at Haggville believe in getting the most out of summer while it lasts. Our passion for fun in the sun is one of the reasons we are excited about the remainder of the summer concert lineup for this year. In town this week is Stoney Larue and below you can read all about him and the show he will be putting on this weekend.

The Upcoming Performance

On August 5th, Stoney Larue will be performing at the House Pasture Cattle Company in Concan, Texas. The show is open to fans of all ages and promises to be an experience you don’t want to miss. You can purchase your tickets for the performance here but be sure to show up early because the lines can build up fast.

All About Stoney Larue

Born in Taft, Texas, Stoney Larue now resides in Oklahoma and is billed as a Texas Country and Red Dirt performer. He was raised in the Yanush and Buffalo Valley area of Oklahoma where he began playing country music at a young age. During his early career, Stoney was heavily influenced by Woody Guthrie, Bob Childers, and the Red Dirt music scene in general. His popularity as an artist can be directly attributed to his love of interacting with his fans. When he began his career, the ability to interact with fans was limited to interacting with them while on stage, meet & greets, and autograph sessions. With the advancement of technology and the rise of social media, Stoney has been able to be even more involved with his fans and that passion has inspired his latest album.

His Latest Music

According to Stoney Larue, US Time is “a tribute to my fans” that Larue and his fans put together. The album is based on a “favorite live song set” that was co-created with his fans and at the heart of the album was a desire to take these favorite songs and record a live sounding album. As Stoney says, “I like to think, and I like people to think and that often generates a connection that can be nurtured.” His latest offering strikes a wonderful balance between real life thinking man’s original music and classic covers.