Even though the summer is beginning to wind down, it is still prime season for Frio River tubing. Enjoying some time on the cold river with the hot sun overhead can be just the thing to help you relax in leisure time or while you’re on vacation. However, there are some things you can bring with you to enhance your tubing experience. Below you will find a few Frio River tubing accessories to help you make the most of your trip down the lazy river.

Tow Along Cooler

You can’t beat floating down the river with a beverage in hand which is why Sportsstuff’s Cooler Caddy made our list of Frio River tubing accessories. While there are a variety of floating coolers on the market, we selected this one because it works with your own cooler. As such, the cost is significantly cheaper than other available designs. It also has tie down points to make it easy to tether to your tube and a few cup holders to store open drinks.

Deluxe Tubes and Rafts

While there is no shortage of Frio River tubing rental companies, one way to step up your lazy floating experience is to bring your own tube. Should you go this route, we recommend purchasing a multi-person tube or raft design such as this one from CoolerZ or this one from Intex. These incredible designs will allow you to lounge as you float down the river in style and draw the envy of your fellow tubers.

Tube Patch Kit

Even the best day of Frio River tubing can be ruined by a flat tube, so it’s an excellent idea to bring along a tube patch kit with you. Tear Aid Vinyl Repair Patch Kit provides a fantastic solution to the problem of a hole or tear in your tube. It is incredibly easy to use and will have you back to floating in no time. You might also consider adding a portable pump to your stash of emergency items so can quickly re-inflate your tube. This DBX Electric Pump provides flexibility because it has a car adapter and a connector to allow direct use with a 12V battery.