For many people, when they think about Texas and the western part of the United States, they see vivid images of Cowboys and Indians. The fact is that Texas and other western states have a rich Native American tradition that most believe should be celebrated. For the history buff or Native American enthusiast in your family, artifacts provide an excellent way to touch the past. In this blog, we shine a spotlight on the Hill Country Indian Artifacts Show in Fredericksburg, TX.

About the Show

The Hill Country Indian Artifacts Show is held several times throughout the year in different locations. The next showcase will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Lady Bird Johnson Park in the Pioneer Pavilion from 8 am to 4 pm. General admission is $6 per person but is free for those 14 and younger making this a great option for families. Each show features authentic artifacts as well as hand-crafted items inspired by Native American culture.

The Sellers

Individual sellers, collectors, and hobbyists from all over the state of Texas and the United States come to the Hill Country Indian Artifacts Show. Many of the vendors excavate their own items that they painstakingly prepare for display and sale. They are also quite knowledgeable and enjoy being able to pass on their love of history and Native American culture to those that stop by their table. While most are there to make money for their business, they still have time to talk with adults and kids about how they got into hunting for artifacts and the process of uncovering some the unique items you may find on the show floor. Those that provide hand-crafted items are also usually forthcoming about how the make their items.

The Artifacts

Many of the artifacts that you will find at the Hill Country Indian Artifacts Show were found and excavated right here in the West Texas Hill Country. There are miles and miles of land in West Texas that has yet to be explored for artifacts, and with each opportunity, new pieces are found that are presented at shows like this one. There are also items from all over the country that are for sale, so if you have your heart set on something from a particular place or period, there is a good chance you might find it here. Some of the types of items you may find on the show floor include but are not limited to arrowheads, pottery, trade era beads, artifact cases, related books, and Indian jewelry.